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The Best Printable Calendar

Posted by Parking BOXX on May 13, 2016

Life today seems to be in constant frenzy, trying to tackle that never ending to-do list with not enough hours in a day.  To bring some semblance of control, we need help wherever we can find it.  In this regard, calendars are an essential organizational tool for your home and office.  The main reason for having a calendar is to help you schedule and manage your time efficiently - to help you manage the chaos. 

Historically, calendars were used to mark holidays and events.  The calendar quickly evolved into an important  time management tool.  From a psychological perspective, when we see our schedule laid out in a calendar, we find it much easier to manage all our responsibilities at work and at home.  The familiar structure of the calendar tends to minimize the difficulty of all the tasks, meetings and events that lie ahead and ultimately make it much easier to manage life both at work and home.

The best printable calendar (in our opinion) can be found on You can create and customize your own monthly or yearly calendar.  This calendar offers many features with drop-down menus that are simple and user-friendly even for the least technologically inclined person:

  1. The first step in creating a personalized calendar allows you to choose your preferred calendar design from a wide array of available options.  In this step, you will also have the option to create a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar to best suit your needs.



  1. You can select the time frame of calendar.  This feature allows you to customize your calendar and choose what dates the calendar should begin and end.


  1. In the next step, you can set the calendar to a specific country.  In some cases you will have an additional option to choose cities or states within country selected.  Holidays per country will be displayed on the calendar. 


  1. Your calendar can be further customized in the "Calendar Settings" menu: 


  • You can set the language content of the calendar.
  • You can also change the title or heading of the calendar from this menu.
  • This menu includes extra options that can be added to your calendar as per your preference, i.e. moon phases, week numbers, the type of calendar overview you’d like, etc.
  • The calendar can be selected to be in color OR black and white.
  • The calendar can be printed in the following sizes: Legal, Letter or A4.


  1. Another terrific feature included in this calendar allows you to choose the types of holidays that you want to be displayed on your calendar.  These holidays can be further customized by selecting colors used to mark the events.  Some countries even allow you to choose “Religion” in the drop-down menu which will display all religious observances in that given country.



  1. A personalized event list can be added to your calendar:
  • Create new events.
  • Edit or delete existing events.
  • Create recurring/non-recurring events – it also allows you to choose the frequency of event recurrence.
  • Choose between calendar or list interface.


        As shown in this sample calendar below:

  • Set to Ontario, Canada.
  • Time frame June 2016 to May 2017.
  • Major Holidays.



Once you have gone through all the features and customized your calendar, you have the option to convert it to PDF and print it.  This is a wonderful tool that can help you organize and manage both your professional and personal life.  Solely based on the many features offered, this calendar is clearly the best printable calendar around (again, in our opinion).  Let help you manage your chaos!





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