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Parking Control Equipment

Posted by Parking BOXX on Jul 13, 2016


University Parking Control Equipment

There are many options to configure parking control equipment.  Generally, this will include barrier gates – which is what “controls” vehicles from entering or exiting the lot.  However, some parking lot owners/operators only want to control the revenue and are not as concerned with access to the lot.  In that case, barrier gates are not necessary. 

  Barrier Gate Parking Control Equipment

When deciding what type of parking control equipment may be right for you, here are a few starting questions:


  1. Do you want to monitor your lot and issue citations to vehicles that have not paid? 


  • If yes,  a non-gated system, may be right for you.  Start by reAlternative to Parking Control Equipmentviewing P-123 and the Smart Parking Meter. 
  • If no, then a gated system may be right for you. 



  1. When considering a gated system, do you deal with the following?

 Hotel Parking Control Equipment

  • Monthly or Employee Parkers
  • Short-Term or Transient Parkers
  • Hotel Guests
  • Validation, Coupons, Discounts
  • Cashiers/Attendants
  • Parking guidance and open space sensors
  • PCI compliance, EMV (Chip & PIN) other compliance items

EMV Parking Control Equipment

  1. Finally, your budget will offer guidance.  Parking systems that are under $10K compared to those over $50K have different feature sets.  But keep in mind that you can always upgrade as needed or as your budget permits.


While controlling access to the parking area may be important, parking control equipment does much more.   

  • Revenue Accountability: Parking control equipment can assist in generating significant revenue for parking lot owners and operators.  There are multiple audits associated with cash collection to ensure revenue accountability. 
  • Reporting & Data Collection: When making decisions, having historical data to review assists in making a more informed decision.
  • Validations, Coupons, Discounts: Incentivize parkers to use your lot.  Develop relationships with nearby merchants and restaurants.

Parking System Validation


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