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Parking Lot Layout

Posted by Parking BOXX on May 1, 2017


When owners want to optimize their parking lot layout to maximize parking revenue, the more spaces the better. We frequently hear questions such as, “How should we lay out our parking stalls?” While that may seem like a simple question, there are many variables involved in approaching the answer. Initial high-level questions may include:

  • What are the dimensions of the current parking area?
  • Are there existing parking spaces?
  • Do you have flexibility in the location of entrance and exit lanes?
  • What type of parking system will be installed? For example, a gated system requires concrete islands in the Entry & Exit Lanes. In comparison, a Smart Parking Meter does not.

Of course, every parking lot layout has some if not many unique nuances. Utilizing the space to ensure easy ingress, parking, parking payment, and egress is key to not alienating parking customers and increasing revenue. Once you have an idea of the number of parking stalls your lot will have, use our Parking Revenue Calculator to estimate the annual revenue your lot will generate.

The Basic Dimensions for Parking Lot Layout

Parking Space or Parking Stall Dimensions

A standard parking space or parking stall dimension is 9’ wide by 18’ deep. Local zoning laws should be consulted.

Parking Space or Parking Stall Layout

Standard parking stall configurations are arranged at 45, 60, 75 and 90 degrees.

One-way vs. Two-way traffic:

A minimum of 11’ may be recommended for one way traffic with vehicles parking at a 45 angle. 17’ for 60, 21’ for 75 degrees and. A minimum of 22’ is required for two-way traffic, and up to 24’ is recommended to safely allow pedestrians to walk in the drive aisles.

Pages 14-18 below provide a more detailed analysis of other parking stall configurations.

Parking Equipment Islands

Generally a cement parking equipment island is 2’ x 13’ for a single direction or 2’ x 17’ for centered bidirectional island. While this is a general rule, final dimensions will depend on the parking equipment selected for the project.

Designing Your Parking Lot

Once you have your lot dimension and locations for your Entry Lanes & Exit Lanes, use a software program to test lot configurations. The above parking stall and laneway dimensions will provide guidance for your diagrams. And if this seems a bit daunting, there are many architects and parking consultants who specialize in parking lot layout. For the DIY, here are our software recommendations. This is a free software for up to 5 projects. While this is an interior design project tool, this is a quick, low cost option that can be used for a basic parking lot layout. This is a Cloud-based software so there is no need to download. The software is intuitive. Create a new project, then edit. Click on “1. Walls” and use the Divider or Wall options for the layout. Dimensions are shown as you extend the lines.

 Basic Parking Lot Layout ConceptDraw offers Site Plan software for parking lot layout. This is free for 21 days. There are more robust options, including adding barrier gates, bollards, bike racks, lamp posts, trees and more.

Parking Lot Layout Options













And finally for the more advanced, Transoft is an award-winning software for engineers, architects and land developers. This software utilizes ParkCAD to design multiple parking sites in minutes and includes stall counts, set area dimensions, object editing and powerful reporting. ParkCAD will run combinations of row layouts, rotations and positions to create the optimal space yield based on the parameters input by the users. Once all of the iterations have been generated, it’s easy to review and select the best option.


Transoft image.png



Accessible Parking

Don’t forget: ADA requirements for Accessible Parking Spaces are based on the number of parking spaces in the lot. Those spaces have wider dimension requirements. Rest assured that Parking BOXX equipment complies with applicable disabilities regulations.



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