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Holiday Desk Decorating Contest

Posted by Parking BOXX on Dec 20, 2016

Parking BOXX fun during the holiday season - a holiday desk decorating contest, a great way to get your office in the Holiday Spirit!  As the end of the year approaches and the days get shorter and colder, getting into the holiday spirit can help brighten everyone’s mood. What better way to celebrate the season with your co-workers than with a fun and festive contest?

Parking BOXX brought on the holiday cheer with the office’s very first Holiday Desk Decorating Contest. Excited by the prospect of bringing fun and merriment into the office, particpants from many locations participated in the contest. Everyone’s creative juices were flowing and the competition was fierce. Some went solo and some alliances between departments were formed. The Parking BOXX workspaces were transformed into a Winter Wonderland; filled with multi-colored lights, shimmering tinsel, mini trees and much more.

Surrounded by decorations and lights and filled with an air of festivity, walking into the office brought a smile to everyone’s faces.  All the contestants did an incredible job which made voting for the best a difficult decision indeed.   Here are a few of the winning entries:



Back in the factory, the production guys did an amazing job decorating their carts.  Blake deserved the win for his creative and handmade reindeer cart. When asked how he came up with such an original idea, Blake replie, "Rick wanted to make his cart a sleigh so I decided to make the reindeer. It was fun," he said with a thumbs up.



With gleaming tinsel and twinkling Christmas lights, Kaydee turned her desk into a sparkling workspace definitely brightening up the office during the dreary winter days. Kaydee also brought in a beautiful and unique handmade tree created out of horseshoes, combining her passion for horses with her welding talents.  Kaydee adds, "I think this contest was a great idea.  I loved that decorating my desk got others involved in the contest, making the competition more interesting."




The level of creativity was impressive, as shown in the image above,  Shannon, one of our winners, made  use of her extraordinary crafting ability to embellish her office door.



One of the common themes was using Parking BOXX in the decorations. Jamie went one step further by including her family as well.  Using our BOXX blue and her natural artistic talent, Jamie decorated her workspace beautifully with holiday baubles and pictures of her adorable family. Her workstation definitely added to the holiday spirit. Jamie says,  "Because Christmastime reminds me of family, I wanted to recreate that feeling at my desk." 



Brianna was the grand prize winner by majority vote. Among the myriad of creative and festive desks all, her work station stood out for being the most creatively planned space with additional points for effort and details. From including all the names of employees on stockings hanging on her desk, to the snowball fight between a teddy bear and the Hulk, the title of the grand prize was well-deserved. When  I asked what inspired her, Brianna responded, "Winning. Just kidding, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, so I decided to go with an all-out organized Christmas theme. It was a lot of fun."



Using Parking BOXX gear to decorate was one of the more innovative ideas presented at the contest. Parking BOXX gear such as balls and USB sticks was used as ornaments to decorate a tree, stockings, and a wreath.  The combination of Parking BOXX and Christmas provided great results.  From Duane: "If I inspired just one other employee to get in the company Christmas spirit, then my goal was achieved, and I didn’t have to drag a lot of stuff in from home. Free ornaments...hooray!"


The winners were presented with prizes at the Parking BOXX holiday lunch on December 20th. Everyone agreed that this contest was an enjoyable way to celebrate the holidays at the office.   The whole  Parking BOXX  family got into the holiday spirit (as evident from the winners pictured in this blog) and certainly outdid themselves. The end goal of celebrating the holidays was definitely achieved.


Thanks to all for participating & happy holidays 2017!

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