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Federal APD Is No More

Posted by Parking BOXX on Dec 2, 2014

In 2014, 3M announced it was closing it's parking division, previously Federal APD.  According to sources, the parking division had undergone a substantial loss in revenue and did not meet 3M’s profit expectations.  The management team at 3M promised that all existing contracts would be honored.  3M officially closed it's parking operation in November of 2014 and sadly, Federal APD, once a pioneer in the parking industry, was no more.

Many parking owners & operators with 3M/Federal APD systems are now replacing their parking systems.  Here is why you should consider Parking BOXX for your next system:

  1. North American based Parking Equipment Manufacturer
  2. 75-year history in the parking industry
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Replacing a parking system can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking but many parking operators are deciding to move on.  Parking BOXX is an excellent alternative to replace your existing system.  Here is more about Federal Parking and their history...

Federal Parking revolutionized the parking and transportation industry by bringing to fruition the concept of mechanized parking.  The history of Federal Parking dates back to the early 1900’s when Federal Signal purchased Federal Parking for parking operations.  Under their patronage, Federal Parking became the biggest manufacturer of parking equipment in North America.

Federal Parking proceeded to develop a diverse range of products for parking facilities – from barrier gates, entry and exit machines, to pay stations and parking management software.  They became global leaders in providing automated parking solutions, with offices across the United States and as far as Hong Kong and Brazil.

Here are some images of parking systems sold by Federal APD. 


Federal Parking’s corporate ideology was based on promoting innovation and technology.  Federal APD had a long history of bringing forth many parking innovations, such as monthly card access, barcode and magnetic ticket readers, and numerous other breakthroughs for the parking industry.


Federal Parking’s exponential growth within the parking industry piqued the interest of another corporati3M-parking-equipmenton - 3M.  3M is a multi-national conglomerate that has developed technologies and manufactures products across many different sectors.  With the potential and promise of becoming global leaders in the parking industry, 3M acquired Federal APD in September 2012.  


3M ultimately aspired to combine Federal Parking’s progress in access control systems and parking solutions with 3M’s traffic management products to create functional and efficient solutions for the global parking and transportation industry.

It soon became evident that this goal did not transition into reality. 


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