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February Fitness Month

Posted by Parking BOXX on Feb 19, 2017

While February Fitness Month may not be an officially designated event (we may have made it up), what better time than February to reenergize those New Year's resolutions! 

If you are like we are, super busy and sitting at your desks WAAAY too many hours, then what would motivate you to get out there and break a sweat?  After conversing with a few employees, Parking BOXX learned that gym memberships might just be the key...

Step 1.  Question employees on  what would incentivize them to lead a healthier lifestyle.   Some feedback we received:

  •  having a gym membership near their office
  • being able to take longer lunches to go to the gym when it is less busy. 
  • being able to start work earlier or end later to accommodate a longer lunch
  • having a gym membership that would be valid at multiple locations  
Step 2. Research the options for local work out venues. We found one gym with locations near multiple offices and other locations near employees' homes.

Step 3. Poll other employees to gage interest.

And here is what we came up with...reimbursing gym memership/join fees and gym monthly fees.  Plus, we provided this bit of guidance...
Because people who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them, we ask that you write down three private goals that you wish to accomplish by going to the gym, such as:
  1. Work out twice per week
  2. Lose x pounds
  3. Fit into my skinny jeans. :)

We also recommend that you keep a quick journal for your personal reference.  We suggest for each day you go to the gym, mark down a quick summary, such as “10 mins cardio + upper body circuit” so that you may track your progress!  Remember: don’t start off with too much weight!  A common mistake is that it feels easy so you overdo it early, which means that you are super sore and less likely to work out in the future.  If you don’t regularly work out, ease in slowly! 

If you wish to go to the gym during the work day (because the gym is much slower during the day), alternate work schedules may be accommodated.  Please discuss options with your manager.

(And, because we love contests and we're all about teambuilding... )  If anyone can think of a quarterly contest to build around going to the gym, we’re open to suggestions!

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